Living life to its fullest and soaking up the sun in SoCal

I need to stop caring for people too much. I feel like I don’t receive anything at all sometimes. I give but don’t get. It’s just making it so difficult for me to keep going.

Exactly three hundred sixty five days ago you came over to my apartment. At the time I didn’t think much of what was to come but I was still very shy and nervous around you. We didn’t do much…just relax and listen to music and talk. We talked all night and then you had to leave. But, you came back the next day. Still..I thought we were just enjoying each other’s company and it was all gonna end just as quickly as it had started. As the days passed everything grew. Slowly, but it grew. At times it was very difficult and I have shed many tears because of you. I have questioned myself and my decisions here and there. But that is nothing compared to the happiness and love you have given me. Who would have thought that something this great has grown from something we didn’t really care for whatsoever.
Goddamn I’m so fucking happy.

There will be good days and there will be bad days

Ugh everyone is fucking pissing me off